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What Kind of Government do Voters Want?

Building a Better Colorado wants to address this fundamental question: What kind of government do voters want?

How we create laws and amend our constitution, how we elect our representatives, and how we manage the state budget are critical factors to Colorado’s future.

How Voters Enact Laws and Amendments

Initiative Process

With low thresholds for putting issues on the ballot, Colorado has one of the most easily amended state constitutions and has seen more ballot initiatives than all but two other states. This has led to a conflicted and cluttered state constitution.

Should we change the initiative process?

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How Our State Elections Work

Initiative Process

Fewer Colorado voters are participating in major-party primary elections - an important and early step that determines which candidates ultimately make the November ballot. At the same time, barriers exist that prevent more than 1 million unaffiliated voters, the fastest-growing segment of Colorado’s electorate, from participating in caucuses and in taxpayer-funded primary elections.

How can Colorado’s election systems engage more voters?

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How Our State Budget Works

Initiative Process

Voter-approved revenue limits are at odds with voter-approved spending mandates, creating a situation where Colorado can’t provide the services citizens expect of their government.

Building a Better Colorado wants to discuss practical solutions for addressing our financial future.

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Issue Overview Brief

Initiative Process

Building a Better Colorado has prepared an issue overview document for use at community summits to assist the conversations.

This issue brief can be a useful primer for understanding the challenging issues we're discussing.

The document is an evolving "draft" as we learn more from the ongoing discussions both at the summits and online. 

Download and read the Issue Brief:

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